About Us

Who makes the best pizza in the world? This is the ultimate question that must be answered. Round or square, flat or stuffed, thick or thin, and what about those endless toppings? Any way you look at it, pizza just might be the most perfect food.  We believe the country that does it best, is our homeland, ITALY! Which is why we traveled there, back to our roots, in search of the best pizza you will ever eat.  Contento Pizzeria started as a concept in 2010, reuniting two brothers, Giuseppe and Matteo Conte, who had spent nearly a decade oceans apart pursuing parallel careers in the food industry.  In 2017, their dream became a reality with the opening of Contento Pizzeria & Bar located inside Jerry’s Nugget Casino. Contento Pizzeria & Bar is dedicated to creating the purest form of pizza – cheese, tomato and crust – a simplicity of flavors, the kind that originated in Italy many centuries ago. The same authenticity and consistency shows in all of the food and drink offerings at Contento. Once you experience Contento Pizzeria & Bar, you will understand why Italians do it best! 

Our Team